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About Lames & Tradition, care expert for men and their beard

The French brand Lames & Tradition is well-known as the expert in men’s care and their beard among professional barbers and private individuals.

The history of the beard care products and traditional shaving

Stéphane Couty is the man behind the history of this brand specialising in beard care products. He is passionate about traveling and beards. As the barber trade flourishes once again, he travels around Asia, English-speaking countries, goes to London, and realises one thing: these professionals essentially inspire themselves on the Anglo-Saxon model in choosing their cosmetics. No French brand is positioned on the men’s cosmetics market.

He decides to embark on this adventure and chose "Lames” (Blades) and "Tradition" as the keywords of his activity and brand name. His ambition is to highlight the traditional aspect of old-fashioned shaving and beard grooming.

In 2014, he decided to approach professional barbers and create an online shop for beard care products and traditional shaving exclusively for people in the beard trade. In 2015, he notices a growing interest from private individuals for his brand of products for men's beards and opens his website to everyone, that has something for every beard or traditional shaving enthusiast.

The website to buy safety razors or beard shampoos

Lames & Tradition is the website where to buy safety razors, products to care for your beautiful beard (shampoos, balms, oils), or even products to ease and soften your shaving.

Stéphane Couty has made sure to design natural products from French craftsmanship, focusing on the South-West, where the brand was born. While visiting the neighbouring departments of Haute-Garonne, he discovers a soap factory proud of its production of organic donkeys milk with which he becomes a partner for the manufacture of his beard shampoos.

For each men’s beard care product, he imagined an original recipe, a blend of vegetable oils with amazing properties, and unique fragrances. He communicates his recipes to a soap maker who takes care of their creation in the best conditions.

The razors for sale on his online store have been carefully selected, based on their precision and adaptability to all types of skins. Lames & Tradition offers a selection of woody-scented shaving oils as well as aftershave creams to soften your skin.

Recently, the hair range has been developed to provide professionals and individuals with quality products for hair care and styling. Each product on the hair products site has been carefully developed in the same way as the existing product ranges.

Everything has been designed for the well-being of men’s skin and beard.