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Accessories for your beard

Lames & Tradition, your e-commerce website selling beard equipment online, offers several accessories for your beard, as well as custom Lames & Tradition clothing.

Over the years, Lames & Tradition has become the reference brand for beard and shaving products. Not only was he brand able to develop a complete range around beard care and shaving, but also offer products for professional barbers, and...


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ENGRAVED HORN COMB - Lames & Tradition


Beard Comb Lames & Tradition

For all our bearded folk, be it short or long beards, we have designed this beard comb. It is handmade with genuine horn by an artisan with great craftsmanship, and established since 1995. Please note that horn has the same molecular formula as hair, i.e. keratin. The horn comb is one of our very first successful products at Lames & Tradition as it inspired us in 2014, and we agree to say that it is a firm favourite product, since it is handmade and with grand craftsmanship and has outstanding properties. Our comb is perfect for bearded folk who wish to have a smooth and thick beard. Indeed, it will give volume and slickness to your beard.



The traditional antistatic mustache comb

To take everywhere with you, here is the miniature version of our horn comb with the traditional antistatic mustache comb from Lames & Tradition! Whether you have a small moustache or a large, full moustache, the finer and tighter teeth than on the comb will keep your moustache looking good all day long! As all moustache wearers know, having a clean moustache all day is difficult, between meals, activities, etc. So, just like the pocket brush, always have your moustache comb in your pocket, supplied with its little leather case!

Boar Bristle Hair brush


Boar-haired beard brush with handle

This boar-haired beard brush with handle has been specially designed for long beards, requiring years of maintenance! Once you have applied our beard care products such as beard oil or balm, you must comb and brush your beard. For long beards we recommend our brush with handle. Thanks to its 5 rows of hair, your beard will be able to be combed evenly and easily over the entire length. This beard brush is ideal for disciplining and smoothing your beard for the whole day.



Pocket boar hair beard brush

After using our beard care products such as beard oil or beard balm to make your beard beautiful and strong, you will need the pocket boar hair beard brush. During the day, your beard is undressed by your movements or friction. We then thought this antistatic brush to come and discipline your beard easily. It is a brush in pocket format, then you can take it everywhere with you to brush your beard whenever you want.

EAU DE TOILETTE - Parfum Boisé 50mL EAU DE TOILETTE - Parfum Boisé 50mL
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EAU DE TOILETTE - Woody Fragrance 50mL

€21.00 €30.00

Eau de toilette 100% natural woody scent

Signature perfume of our brand, the woody makes its return with the 100% natural eau de toilette woody perfume in a screen-printed bottle of 50mL. A perfect gift idea for men with beard or not, this perfume composed of organic alcohol will accompany you throughout your day. With its fresh chords and a touch of  patchouli, it will leave you with a masculine and mesmerizing scent.

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse.



The Amber leather perfume in an “Eau de toilette”

Hugely requested by our community, here is finally for you the perfume amber leather in an eau de toilette! The Premium perfume, the brand\'s flagship scent since its creation, is finally concentrated in a 50mL bottle to allow you to wear it throughout your day. This eau de toilette for bearded (or not) composed with alcohol is a perfect gift idea for men for Christmas, Valentine\'s Day or Father\'s Day! Indeed, our perfumes being designed by a real perfumer instead of choosing simple essential oils for the design of our products, the amber leather pairings of incense, night jasmine, thyme or black suede will sublimate your daily life by giving off a masculine and refreshing scent! 



Lames & Tradition Safety Razor

To waltz into the world of Lames & Tradition means also waltzing into the world of traditional shaving, with its essential tools such as our safety razor. This beard razor for men is one of the most ancient tools still used today. Used by our grandparents, this traditional razor is highly effective thanks to its single blade that will cut the hair at skin level. A single blade means higher risks of nicks and cuts. However, this kind of old-time razor, having a convex head, will pull the skin taut, thus avoiding any nicks and cuts.



Classic triple blade razor

This is our classic triple blade razor as our company does not only make products for bearded men, but also for people who shave regularly and keep smooth skin or a stubble. It is a classic razor with interchangeable razor heads, compatible with spare blades from the shops. The handle of the razor is white, made with synthetic resin, and its base is made from chrome-plated metal.



Traditional Shaving Brush

We present this shaving brush as we wish, here, at Lames & Tradition, to bring traditional shaving back into fashion, be it our grandparents’ era typical shaving or straight razor shaving from the Turn of the Century. French class is only attainable through a man’s grooming and especially his face. In order to do so, we designed this shaving brush made out of boar bristle. Supplied with its stand that can be fixed to the wall, this shaving brush will become one of your best tools to work our shaving soap Lames & Tradition into a foam, just like in the old days.

TOILETRY BAG - Lames & tradition


The screen-printed beard maintenance bag

The beard care bag is composed of 4 inner pockets plus 2 on a central plate, thus offering a wide set of storage spaces. It has a handle for easy transport, and a zip system. Perfect for your travels, it is an ideal toiletry kit for your holidays. You can place our products (oils, balms, badgers etc.), but it is large enough to contain your soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, and all your cosmetic and hygiene accessories!

Kit dimensions: 22cm x 18cm x 7cm

Trucker Cap Lames & tradition


The original Lames & Tradition trucker cap

The original Lames & Tradition trucker cap has existed since the creation of the brand in 2014! This navy blue baseball cap has the logo screen-printed in blue, the back of the cap is striated and there is a notched adjustment tab for all head sizes. This  truck driver\'s cap will suit all our bearded friends and barbers!

Casquette Trucker Blanc et Noir


The Lames & Tradition trucker cap

What could be better than a Lames & Tradition trucker cap for a unique and classy style? This black and white baseball cap is sublimated by the brand\'s silk-screened logo, the back of the cap is ridged and adjustable thanks to a notched adjustment tab, making it adaptable to all head sizes. This trucker\'s cap will suit barbers and bearded men alike!

Cap "Blue Navy" Lames & Tradition
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Cap "Black" Lames & Tradition

€12.50 €17.85

The Black Snapback embroidered flat cap

Here is the flat Cap Snapback Black embroidered by Lames & Tradition! This black flat visor cap  is reminiscent of those worn by players in MLB (baseball), the NHL (hockey) or the NBA (basketball). It has a notched adjustment tab for all head sizes (Snapback system). This bearded cap is the ideal accessory for our bearded friends and barbers!

Sweat Capuche L&T


The official hoodie of the brand

Here is the official hoodie of the brand! Made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this  bearded sweater has a drawstring for the hood as well as a central pocket. Available in S, M, L and XL, the sweatshirt screen-printed in white gnawing ink will ensure a warm winter while having style!

Black T-Shirt Lames & Tradition


The T-shirt of the brand

Here is the T-shirt of the brand, in black color and screen-printed with the Lames & Tradition logo in white gnawing ink. This  t-shirt for bearded is entirely made of cotton and available in S, M, L and XL! Also available in blue.

Blue T-Shirt Lames & Tradition


The official T-shirt of the brand

Here is the official T-shirt of the brand, in navy blue color and screen-printed with the Lames & Tradition logo in white gnawing ink. This bearded t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and available in S, M, L and XL! Also available in black.

Magnetic bottle opener


Our silkscreen printed Lames & Tradition magnetic bottle opener

We present you our Lames & silkscreen printed magnetic bottle opener, in the colours of the barber trade, ideal for opening bottle. With its 5cmx5cm format, the magnet can be sticked to the refrigerator or put into your pocket to go!