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Lames & Tradition, the reference beard oil website for professionals


Give your clients a soft and shiny beard with Lames & Tradition, the best beard oil website for professionals.

You are a barber or a hairdresser and you are looking for quality products to satisfy your customers ? Lames & Tradition offers you a wide range of beard care products. Beard oils, balms, soaps, you will find all the necessary products to take care of your customers' beards on our website of products for professional barbers.


Quality and natural products with your professional beard wholesaler


Lames & Tradition, wholesaler of professional beard products, offers products adapted to all kind of beards. Because tastes and colors are not debatable, we have chosen to offer several scents for each of our products. Beard oils and balms with bourbon, blond tobacco, amber leather, woody or spicy flower scents, there is something for everyone. Something to satisfy all your customers!  The original and unique scents of our beard products for hairdressers will allow you to stand out in the eyes of your customers and to create a real brand image. The special scent of Lames & Tradition beard oils will only reinforce the virile and masculine atmosphere of your barber shop.

To ensure a soft and shiny beard for your customers, all Lames & Tradition beard oils are made of a mix of several vegetable oils. This ensures moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties to all our products.

- The sweet almond oil protects, softens and smoothes the beard of your customers. By moisturizing the beard, it soothes the skin and calms the itching generated by beard growth.

- Jojoba oil moisturizes and nourishes the hair in depth. You can thus restore vitality to the dry and brittle hair of your customers while improving their shine and flexibility.

- Macadamia oil preserves the color of the hair and protects it from external aggressions.

- Camellia oil protects and strengthen the hair while restoring its tone and volume.

- Avocado oil stimulates hair growth while protecting it.

True manufacturer of beard oils, Lames & Tradition offers you a whole range of products for your barber shop.


Beard oils, balms, shampoos: all the products for your salon at your beard products wholesaler


Choose the best for your customers with Lames & Tradition, the leading wholesaler of beard products.

In addition to our beard oils, Lames & Tradition's beard balms will give a solid appearance to your customers' beards. Also composed by a mix of different oils, our beard balms also contain beeswax and cocoa butter to provide a styling and fixing effect. You will be able to easily style your customers’ unruly beards. The benefits of Lames & Tradition beard balms are large: nourish the hair, moisturize the skin under the hair, fix and style the beard, subtly perfume the beard.

To offer the best products to your customers, we propose a whole range of shampoos based on donkey milk available on our website of shampoos for hairdresser. This prestigious product can be used in your barber shop to maintain the beard of your customers. It will give them a shiny and strong hair while protecting their skin and stimulating hair growth. You can also offer this product for sale. Made in an artisanal soap factory in the south of France, the Lames & Tradition beard shampoo can be used for the body to benefit from its advantages for the skin.

So don't hesitate any longer and offer the best to your customers by visiting our barber shampoos website.


A website for the sale of beard products for all professionals in the sector


Lames & Tradition is the website for the sale of beard products for all professionals in the sector: barbers, hairdressers ...

Because it is useless to master the best shaving techniques if you don't have quality equipment and products, Lames & Tradition offers you products made in the south of France and 100% natural. Our top of the line care products will ensure your clients cleanliness, shine, hydration and discipline.

By choosing Lames & Tradition, manufacturer of beard care products, you make the choice to be accompanied and advised by professionals. It is very important for us to be totally transparent with our customers. To do so, we provide a maximum of information to all barbers and hairdressers who decide to work with us. To establish a relationship of trust with our customers, we answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

Do you want to offer quality beard products to your customers by proposing Lames & Tradition products? As a wholesaler of beard care products, we offer you goodies for every order of 3 products of your choice made on our website of beard care for professionals. You also have the possibility to use our displays to present our beard oils in an elegant and refined way.

Easily manage your inventory thanks to the professional space Lames & Tradition of our professional beard care website. Because it is important to providing you with the best possible service, we ensure fast delivery of all our beard products. By this way, you will never run out of beard oil or shampoo to maintain your customers' beards. To allow you to make margins on the sale of our products, you have access to discounted rates on a wide range of materials and beard products for barbers.

Lames & Tradition, manufacturer of beard products, offers the best products for all professional barbers and hairdressers.