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The products available on our barber razors website


All the products available on our barber razors website are designed to provide a professional shaving experience.


Find our professional shaving products


At Lames & Tradition, all our professional shaving products are carefully selected for you and guarantee your customers a durable and quality shave.

We offer a wide range of products essential to your shave, including professional razor blades, shaving oils, shaving soaps, after-shave care...and which are 100% natural and of French origin.

At Lames & Tradition, all the products sold are designed, tested and approved by our professional barbers.

To choose the right shaving equipment for your customers, it is important for you to know the products available on our website and the difference between each of these products.

For a traditional shaving service, a professional razor with interchangeable blades is recommended. More commonly known as a Shavette, it is most often used for its precision, because its shape allows direct contact between the edge of the blade and the skin and can reach even the most difficult to access areas of the face.

Thus, your customers will enjoy a precise shave with the purchase of a professional barber shaver.

If you don't want to use a razor with interchangeable blades for your services, you can find among our catalog of professional razors, razors called safety razors that will fit your needs. A safety razor is a custom-made razor used mainly for its precision and maneuverability. This barber's hand razor is also very effective if you want to guarantee your customers a smooth and well shaved skin for several days.

For you who are looking for a professional men's razor, the advantage of this kind of razor is its durability, provided you maintain it on a very regular basis.

Finally, a last model of professional hair shaver is available for sale on our website. This is the classic razor, known as a handle razor, which also has interchangeable blades for hairdressers. There are many advantages to this kind of razor, including its durability because it is simply necessary to change the blades, the handle can be kept for life but also its safety guarantee thanks to its blade specially designed to avoid the risk of cutting.

Thus, as a professional, you have the choice among all our professional shavers to ensure the best service to your customers and guarantee their satisfaction. 


Lames & tradition, your wholesaler for professional razors


Our website Lames & Tradition is a wholesaler for professional razors. If you wish to offer your customers quality work tools, it is essential you buy from us. At Lames & Tradition, all our razors have been designed to be perfectly adapted to your needs and your customers.

After having discovered our product catalog available directly on our website, do not hesitate to contact us to have more information on the products we offer for sale. Our professional barbers will be able to answer all your questions and advise you according to your needs.

To facilitate your steps, it is also possible for you to register on our page "Pro Access" dedicated to this purpose. After checking the information you have entered, we will contact you as soon as possible.

"Pro Access" also allows you to regulate the quantities ordered, to manage your stocks and to have your products as soon as possible thanks to the development of our fast delivery system.

Joining us also means taking advantage of adapted displays to present our products and give them more visibility to your customers. To answer their questions, product pages are available on our website, and will allow you to provide them with more details about the materials and ingredients used.

Buying your products at Lames & Tradition, it is also to be sure to have access to advantageous prices for you, which will allow you to make margins on sales.

Our goal is to cooperate with you to offer you the best barber and shaver products, always at the best price.



Lames & Tradition, more than razors for professional barbers


Lames & Tradition is more than razors for professional barbers. On our website, we offer you a complete range of products to use in your salon.

The choice of your razor for professional barbers is certainly important, but choosing the right shaving and after-shave products is important too.

With us, all products are 100% natural and made in France. You will find kits including shaving oils, shaving soap and aftershave lotions for sale on our professional barber shaving website. You can also find products to offer to your customers that they can use at home, for a long lasting shaving comfort. These products include beard oils, balms and shampoos for a softer, more moisturized beard that they can incorporate into their daily routine. Combs and brushes to discipline your beard hair containing keratin are also available to discipline your beard as well as your hair. 

The use of our products to make your services will bring the professional result expected by your customers, who will leave with a shiny and healthy beard.

As you can see, Lames & Tradition is the partner you need for good quality shaving products at a good price, while taking advantage of the advice and support of our experts.