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Lames & Tradition, the website for barber accessories


At Lames & Tradition, all our barber accessories guarantee our professional barbers high quality products for your customers.

You are a professional and you are looking for quality barber accessories ? Lames & Tradition, your website for barber shop accessories, offers you a wide range of professional accessories adapted to your needs like shaving brushes, shaving brushes, combs and razors.



Quality equipment for professional barbers


As a barber shop accessories website, Lames & Tradition has chosen barbering equipment that guarantees quality maintenance. All our barber tools have been designed, tested and approved by our professional barbers. Moreover, all our products are 100% French and natural.

Over the years, the Lames & Tradition brand has become a reference for barber shop equipment and barbering tools. We have developed a wide range of professional accessories for barbers but also several products derived from the identity of our brand.

As professional of barber shop accessories, we offer you quality barber tools, whether it is for the beard, its maintenance, its shaving or to promote its growth. We have give a huge importance to manufacture quality and effective barber accessories, and it is these strengths that offer great satisfaction to our professional barbers.


The brush and the comb : the main accessories for barber shop


Lames & Tradition offers its professional barbers barber shop quality accessories to maintain your customers' beards. Whether they wish to promote growth, maintain or shave, your bearded people will be satisfied by the quality of our professional equipment.

To ensure a smooth and disciplined beard, we offer a smoothing brush made of boar hair with an olive wood handle. We have chosen to manufacture our barber tools with noble products to guarantee our professional barbers a total satisfaction. Indeed, this barbering accessory is ideal for maintain long beards. The boar hair help to smooth and discipline the beard all day long while softening it. We also thought of all the barber shop customers, that's why we also offer this tool in pocket size.

For all your bearded people, with short or long beards, we made the choice to offer you a real horn comb. Handmade by an expert artisan in the field since 1995, this tool is a barber's necessity. It is one of our first successes with professional barbers. Thanks to its composition in keratin, the same molecular composition as our hair, this quality comb will both promote the volume of your beard and soften it.


Lames & Tradition, more than equipment for professional barbers


In addition to our professional barber equipment, we also offer clothing with the Lames & Tradition image, like t-shirts, hoodies and caps. All our t-shirts are 100% cotton and our sweatshirts will make you feel comfortable and stylish.

To store your barber accessories, we have designed a travel kit where you can organize all your barber shop equipment or offer this accessory to your customers. Composed of four pockets, it will adapt to all needs.

Moreover, what is a barber shop kit without a masculine scent? Following the great success of our woody fragrance for our oils, we have declined this signature scent of our brand in eau de toilette. 100% natural, this fragrance with organic composition will accompany with elegance your customers throughout the day.

Moreover, skateboarding being a passion that we share with the barber equipment, we also realized a skateboard with the colors Lames & Tradition.

Finally, you will also find on our barber shop accessories website a magnet bottle opener to stick on your fridge or keep warm in your pocket.

If you want to know more about Lames & Tradition and its barber shop accessories, please contact us or visit our website.