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Gift box for beard grooming

Why not choose our gift box for beard grooming to offer to your father, companion or friend for Christmas or his birthday?

For beginners or the more experienced, Lames & Tradition designed packs and gift sets for shaving and beard care. The Lames & Tradition gift boxes are composed of beard oils, shaving soaps, shampoos, combs as well as razors and shaving brushes. If you have a long beard, a short...


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Sac en toile de jute imprimé 16x20 cm pour pack barbe



A personalized beard maintenance kit

Create your personalized beard maintenance kit with 3 products from our selection and save 20%! You will find in our selection a range of products of  beard kit:  Care oil, Beard balm, Solid soap with donkey milk, Horn comb, Wild boar bristle brush, shaving soap and shaving oil, all provided in a burlap bag by Lames & Tradition. To do this, click below to select the 3 products you are interested in, then add the pack to the cart. Then, the 20% discount will automatically apply to the total amount of your three items. With this pack, you will have all the necessary beard maintenance or the ideal men\'s shaving set for your daily routine!

« OLD SCENTS » BEARD GIFT BOX - Bourbon Fragrance (Limited Edition)


The "Old scents" beard care box

New best-seller of the brand, the "Old Scents" range in collaboration with Radikal Hair Shop is offered in a limited edition beard care box! After the huge success of the bourbon / Virginia tobacco fragrance with our bearded men and barbers, we are offering you, exclusively for the holidays, the beard care kit for men in collaboration with Radikal Hair Shop, including beard oil and beard balm, supplied with an engraved horn comb in a silk-screened wooden box! There are limited stocks and it\'s a limited edition, so don\'t wait too much!



The "Elixir" complete beard set

For Christmas, we\'re offering this complete beard set with the entire Elixir range, a limited edition! Find the light scent of blond tobacco combined with notes of vanilla in an oil, a balm and a solid soap, but also an engraved horn comb, all in an exclusive silk-screened box to have all the beard care essentials for your parties! This kit contains everything nature has to offer to take care of your beard, including vegetable oils such as Jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, vegetable waxes and butters such as beeswax or organic cocoa butter, but also the organic donkey milk that makes up our solid shampoos! So take advantage of it, because this beard care set is a limited edition!

PREMIUM BEARD GIFT SET - Amber Leather Fragrance


Lames & Tradition Premium Beard Pack

What better way to treat yourself or someone else with our Premium beard pack? We have designed for you, this beard care kit including all the essentials of our products. As a holiday gift or as a every day present, this box will make someone happy, we promise! We have included in this beard set all the products of the Premium range. You can find: a beard balm, a beard soap, a 50mL bottle of beard oil, as well as an army brush made with wild boar bristle. You will be able to take care of your beautiful beard from scratch, acquired with natural products and completely manufactured in France.



Beard Gift Set Lames & Tradition

The dream beard gift set for bearded folk has finally arrived! We offer this beard care pack with the most requested products from Lames & Tradition. If you have followed us since the start of the company, you know and love our signature scent: the woody fragrance. This beard care set displays an ideal assortment of our band’s flagship products, such as our Woody fragranced balm, beard oil and beard shampoo, and our horn comb to accompany you everywhere. This gift set is ideal for you, if you wish to have a perfect beard care kit, or to make a gift of this set to somebody, for Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthdays and anniversaries. Feel free to please, either yourself or a loved one, with our Lames & Tradition beard gift set.



Lames & Tradition Shaving Gift Set

As you already know, at Lames &Tradition, we wish to see traditional shaving to come back into fashion, and this why we offer this complete shaving gift set. This traditional shaving kit is for every enthusiast, and for those who wish to start this custom, which will become a habit of your weekly routine. This shaving pack includes two necessary products and two called for tools: a small shaving brush and its shaving soap to work into a foam, as well as a shaving oil (50mL bottle) to perfect your routine, and a Lames & Tradition safety razor. Thanks to this pack, you are now able to start traditional shaving.

Beard grooming set & travel kit - Special Edition


The travel kit, A complete beard maintenance kit

The Lames & Tradition kit "the journey of the bearded", it is the most complete beard maintenance kit that we offer you today! With its multiple pockets, you will have all the necessary beard maintenance that you need during your travels! This men\'s beard care kit is composed of 4 inner pockets plus 2 on a central plate that can be used for toothbrushes, toothpaste or others. You can therefore use it for your toiletry kit!

You save 17 euros on all products and 16 euros of empty kit on this purchase, for a total of 33 euros.

Pack "L’essentiel du rasage" - Parfum boisé
  • -20%
  • Pack

"Shaving Essentials" Set – Woody fragrance

€34.00 €42.50

The "Shaving Essentials" set by Lames & Tradition

In order to prepare, nourish and protect your skin for shaving, Lames & Tradition offers its new "Shaving Essentials" set including a shaving oil and an aftershave in a burlap bag. For those who already have a razor, shavette, or any other shaving equipment, we offer a shaving preparation product as well as an aftershave and care product in a pack at a discount of 20%!

The pre-shaving oil is fully adapted to be used as it is for the blades strokes. With a slow penetration, it will protect the skin from the blades thanks to its oilier texture than a beard care oil, allowing several strokes without the need to reapply. This oil is 100% natural and perfectly suited for traditional use, manufactured in France. Combined with our aftershave and care cream, you\'ll have everything you need to perform a traditional shave, or not!

100% natural Beard grooming set  - Woody Perfume - Lames & tradition
  • -30%

Beard care kit "Oil" - Woody scent

€33.83 €48.33

All the beard care kit in one pack

Enjoy 20% discount on this beard care kit, perfect to take care of your beard, whether it is short or long. In this beard maintenance set you will find everything you will need for the daily life of your beard, with a soap 100g with organic donkey milk, woody scented, to clean it while feeding it, a beard oil 30mL based on vegetable oils to moisturize and nourish the previously washed beard, as well as an antistatic horn comb to take everywhere with you to have a perfectbeard without hairs that stick out! The  beard care products in this kit are woody fragrance, the signature perfume of the brand. If you want a more styling product than beard oil for beards over three months old, we recommend the "Balm" Pack containing a 30mL wax balm for a beard fed and capped by it!

PACK "Rasage" - Parfum Boisé
  • -30%

Shaving kit - Woody & sandalwood scents

€35.06 €50.08

Our men\'s shaving kit

Discover our shaving kit for men at -20% on the products of this one, for a shaving as at the barber! The shaving material contained in this pack will provide you with everything you need from preparation to shaving, as in the barber. This kit contains a 50mL woody scent shaving oil, fatter than beard oils to prepare and protect the skin from the passage of blades, a 100g shaving soap with sandalwood, as well as a professional quality badger designed by our partner Highness, which will lather the shaving soap in no time. With our men\'s shaving products, no more cuts and irritations due to products that are too aggressive for your skin. You can complete it with our aftershave without alcohol, with restorative benefits and facial care for your skin.

PACK "baume" - Parfum Boisé
  • -30%

Beard care kit "Balm" - Woody scent

€34.88 €49.83

Our complete beard care kit

Take care of your beard daily with our complete beard care kit and enjoy -20% on it! You will find in this beard maintenance kit for men everything you will need to take care of your beard daily, namely a solid soap 100g scent woody with organic donkey milk to clean and untangle your beard, a 30mL beard balm woody scent based on vegetable oils to deeply nourish your beard, in the form of wax to give it the desired shape, and finally an antistatic horn comb, perfect to have a beard at the top throughout the day! This beard maintenance pack with the brand\'s signature perfume is a perfect gift idea for men with beard, ensuring your bearded a soft and silky beard!