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€6.67 €8.33

The traditional antistatic mustache comb

To take everywhere with you, here is the miniature version of our horn comb with the traditional antistatic mustache comb from Lames & Tradition! Whether you have a small moustache or a large, full moustache, the finer and tighter teeth than on the comb will keep your moustache looking good all day long! As all moustache wearers know, having a clean moustache all day is difficult, between meals, activities, etc. So, just like the pocket brush, always have your moustache comb in your pocket, supplied with its little leather case!

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€18.75 €20.83

Pocket boar hair beard brush

After using our beard care products such as beard oil or beard balm to make your beard beautiful and strong, you will need the pocket boar hair beard brush. During the day, your beard is undressed by your movements or friction. We then thought this antistatic brush to come and discipline your beard easily. It is a brush in pocket format, then you can take it everywhere with you to brush your beard whenever you want.

Baume à Barbe - Parfum Fleurs Epicées
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BEARD BALM - Spicy Flowers Fragrance

€18.53 €23.17

Lames & Tradition Beard Balm Spicy Flowers Fragrance

If your beard is getting unrulier for every extra inch, we created for you the Lames & Tradition beard balm. All our beard balms have dual purposes. Perfect to nurture your beard, it will bring every benefit needed. Furthermore, you will be able to style your beard as you wish. Use it regularly and your beard will be softer and much more disciplined. Our beard balms are much more nourishing than a classic beard oil. Indeed, a long beard needs much more care than a regular, that is why we added vegetable butters to our balms to perfect them.

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse.

COFFRET BARBE - Parfum Boisé COFFRET BARBE - Parfum Boisé
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€50.00 €71.43

Beard Gift Set Lames & Tradition

The dream beard gift set for bearded folk has finally arrived! We offer this beard care pack with the most requested products from Lames & Tradition. If you have followed us since the start of the company, you know and love our signature scent: the woody fragrance. This beard care set displays an ideal assortment of our band’s flagship products, such as our Woody fragranced balm, beard oil and beard shampoo, and our horn comb to accompany you everywhere. This gift set is ideal for you, if you wish to have a perfect beard care kit, or to make a gift of this set to somebody, for Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthdays and anniversaries. Feel free to please, either yourself or a loved one, with our Lames & Tradition beard gift set.

Trousse "le voyage du barbu" Trousse "le voyage du barbu"
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Beard grooming set & travel kit - Special Edition

€83.33 €119.04

The travel kit, A complete beard maintenance kit

The Lames & Tradition kit "the journey of the bearded", it is the most complete beard maintenance kit that we offer you today! With its multiple pockets, you will have all the necessary beard maintenance that you need during your travels! This men\'s beard care kit is composed of 4 inner pockets plus 2 on a central plate that can be used for toothbrushes, toothpaste or others. You can therefore use it for your toiletry kit!

You save 17 euros on all products and 16 euros of empty kit on this purchase, for a total of 33 euros.

T-SHIRT "lames & tradition" T-SHIRT "lames & tradition"
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Blue T-Shirt Lames & Tradition

€13.67 €17.08

The official T-shirt of the brand

Here is the official T-shirt of the brand, in navy blue color and screen-printed with the Lames & Tradition logo in white gnawing ink. This bearded t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and available in S, M, L and XL! Also available in black.

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Boar Bristle Hair brush

€28.50 €31.67

Boar-haired beard brush with handle

This boar-haired beard brush with handle has been specially designed for long beards, requiring years of maintenance! Once you have applied our beard care products such as beard oil or balm, you must comb and brush your beard. For long beards we recommend our brush with handle. Thanks to its 5 rows of hair, your beard will be able to be combed evenly and easily over the entire length. This beard brush is ideal for disciplining and smoothing your beard for the whole day.

Cap "Blue Navy" Lames & Tradition
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Cap "Black" Lames & Tradition

€12.50 €17.85

The Black Snapback embroidered flat cap

Here is the flat Cap Snapback Black embroidered by Lames & Tradition! This black flat visor cap  is reminiscent of those worn by players in MLB (baseball), the NHL (hockey) or the NBA (basketball). It has a notched adjustment tab for all head sizes (Snapback system). This bearded cap is the ideal accessory for our bearded friends and barbers!

Sac en toile de jute imprimé 16x20 cm pour pack barbe Sac en toile de jute imprimé 16x20 cm pour pack barbe
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A personalized beard maintenance kit

Create your personalized beard maintenance kit with 3 products from our selection and save 20%! You will find in our selection a range of products of  beard kit:  Care oil, Beard balm, Solid soap with donkey milk, Horn comb, Wild boar bristle brush, shaving soap and shaving oil, all provided in a burlap bag by Lames & Tradition. To do this, click below to select the 3 products you are interested in, then add the pack to the cart. Then, the 20% discount will automatically apply to the total amount of your three items. With this pack, you will have all the necessary beard maintenance or the ideal men\'s shaving set for your daily routine!

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ENGRAVED HORN COMB - Lames & Tradition

€10.00 €12.50

Beard Comb Lames & Tradition

For all our bearded folk, be it short or long beards, we have designed this beard comb. It is handmade with genuine horn by an artisan with great craftsmanship, and established since 1995. Please note that horn has the same molecular formula as hair, i.e. keratin. The horn comb is one of our very first successful products at Lames & Tradition as it inspired us in 2014, and we agree to say that it is a firm favourite product, since it is handmade and with grand craftsmanship and has outstanding properties. Our comb is perfect for bearded folk who wish to have a smooth and thick beard. Indeed, it will give volume and slickness to your beard.

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Grooming tonic lotion 200 mL

€16.67 €20.83

The Lames & Tradition grooming tonic lotion for all hair types

Discover the new Lames & Tradition grooming tonic lotion for all hair types that completes the hair range, with coconut fragrance. This styling product for men is ideal for folding and allows a longer fix than waxes or ointments. The styling water gives volume and maintains the styling in place. This lotion must be applied onto wet hair, residue free, and will ensure a long-lasting, flexible hold to structure your hair, while maintaining a wet and supple effect. Its light coconut fragrance will add a touch of softness to your hair, without mixing with daily eau-de-toilette. And with the spray, you can apply the product evenly and conveniently!

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse.

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HAIR AND BEARD Conditioner Shampoo 200 mL

€14.25 €15.83

The Conditioner Shampoo for Beard and Hair 

Lames & Tradition introduces its new conditioner shampoo for beard and hair. This liquid shampoo full of argan oil, coconut oil and natural aloe vera will deeply nourish your hair and beard. The organic vegetable oils in this nourishing men\'s shampoo play a role in conditioning and untangling your beard and hair after washing. Designed in the South of France, this shampoo for beard and hair with sweet notes of coconut will delight your gourmet side !

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse.

Cire pommade brillante Cire pommade brillante
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€10.21 €20.42

Hair Wax Shiny Finish – Lames & Tradition

You asked it a lot and we created this hair wax just for you. Not only do we care about the pride of our bearded folk, but we also care about their hair too. Indeed, at Lames & Tradition we listen to you and take your desires into account to evolve and create products, faithful to our image, according to your needs. We offer a styling wax for men, with a medium fixation to remodel your hairstyle according to your desires throughout the day. Ideal for all hair types, this hair wax will completely satisfy you! Its 100mL jar, with the brand’s signature colours, blue, white and red, reminding the French flag and barbers, will allow you to take it everywhere with you, even whilst travelling.

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse.

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PREMIUM BEARD GIFT SET - Amber Leather Fragrance

€70.83 €101.18

Lames & Tradition Premium Beard Pack

What better way to treat yourself or someone else with our Premium beard pack? We have designed for you, this beard care kit including all the essentials of our products. As a holiday gift or as a every day present, this box will make someone happy, we promise! We have included in this beard set all the products of the Premium range. You can find: a beard balm, a beard soap, a 50mL bottle of beard oil, as well as an army brush made with wild boar bristle. You will be able to take care of your beautiful beard from scratch, acquired with natural products and completely manufactured in France.

Sweat Capuche L&T
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Sweat Capuche L&T

€30.00 €33.33

The official hoodie of the brand

Here is the official hoodie of the brand! Made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this  bearded sweater has a drawstring for the hood as well as a central pocket. Available in S, M, L and XL, the sweatshirt screen-printed in white gnawing ink will ensure a warm winter while having style!