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Buy a safety razor

Lames & Tradition is the online shop site where one can buy a safety razor, tested and approved by professional barbers.

Lames & Tradition has developed a full range of shaving products: shaving oils, soaps, an aftershave, mechanical shavers as well as shaving brushes and shavettes for an optimal shave. Each product in the shaving range of the brand Lames & Tradition are not only intended for...


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SHAVING GEL with Aloe Vera 250mL


Professional shaving gel enriched with Aloe Vera spray

Prepare, Shave, Soothe: Discover the unique experience of shaving the old-fashioned way with Lames & Tradition\'s professional shaving gel enriched with Aloe Vera, 97% natural origin for a smooth, soothing shave.  Lames & Tradition\'s Aloe Vera shaving gel transforms your shaving routine into a pleasant, refreshing skincare experience. Formulated with 97% ingredients of natural origin, this innovative gel is designed to prepare the skin, facilitate shaving and soothe skin irritated by the heat of shaving. Its pump format makes shaving gel application quick and efficient, allowing you to apply just the right amount to your skin. Last but not least, a touch of peppermint oil adds freshness, calming shaving burn.



Aftershave cream for men – Lames & Tradition

At Lames & Tradition, we also wish to take care of your skin, so we designed a balm that can be used as a natural aftershave cream for men. If you have sensitive skin and shaving leaves you with a nasty rash, this item is ideal for you and your epidermis. It is exactly like an alcohol-free aftershave lotion, which its application will be very comforting. Contrarily to some much more aggressive aftershaves that leave you with a displeasing feeling of cold burn, we wish to bring our clients optimal comfort from the beginning to the end of their traditional shaving experience.

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse.



Lames & Tradition Safety Razor

To waltz into the world of Lames & Tradition means also waltzing into the world of traditional shaving, with its essential tools such as our safety razor. This beard razor for men is one of the most ancient tools still used today. Used by our grandparents, this traditional razor is highly effective thanks to its single blade that will cut the hair at skin level. A single blade means higher risks of nicks and cuts. However, this kind of old-time razor, having a convex head, will pull the skin taut, thus avoiding any nicks and cuts.



Classic triple blade razor

This is our classic triple blade razor as our company does not only make products for bearded men, but also for people who shave regularly and keep smooth skin or a stubble. It is a classic razor with interchangeable razor heads, compatible with spare blades from the shops. The handle of the razor is white, made with synthetic resin, and its base is made from chrome-plated metal.

Shaving soap - Lames & tradition- Fragrance sandalwood 100g


One of the best shaving soaps on the market

Traditional shaving is the heart of Lames & Tradition, so discover one of the best shaving soaps onthe market: Sandalwood shaving soap! In 100g format, you will have enough to shave daily for months! Our shaving soap combines with a shaving oil and will soften your beard while providing a foam thick enough for the passage of blades, ranging from shavette to classic razor.

This product is developed by the Lames & Tradition team and its professional barber partners and manufactured in a laboratory in the South-West of France and our perfumer from Grasse



Traditional Shaving Brush

We present this shaving brush as we wish, here, at Lames & Tradition, to bring traditional shaving back into fashion, be it our grandparents’ era typical shaving or straight razor shaving from the Turn of the Century. French class is only attainable through a man’s grooming and especially his face. In order to do so, we designed this shaving brush made out of boar bristle. Supplied with its stand that can be fixed to the wall, this shaving brush will become one of your best tools to work our shaving soap Lames & Tradition into a foam, just like in the old days.

Sac en toile de jute imprimé 16x20 cm pour pack barbe Sac en toile de jute imprimé 16x20 cm pour pack barbe
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A personalized beard maintenance kit

Create your personalized beard maintenance kit with 3 products from our selection and save 20%! You will find in our selection a range of products of  beard kit:  Care oil, Beard balm, Solid soap with donkey milk, Horn comb, Wild boar bristle brush, shaving soap and shaving oil, all provided in a burlap bag by Lames & Tradition. To do this, click below to select the 3 products you are interested in, then add the pack to the cart. Then, the 20% discount will automatically apply to the total amount of your three items. With this pack, you will have all the necessary beard maintenance or the ideal men\'s shaving set for your daily routine!