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Lames & Tradition, also men’s hair care

Lames & Tradition offers a range of products for men’s hair care. Hair requires regular maintenance to be soft and silky. As Lames & tradition had already invested itself in beard care products, it goes without saying that it should also present a range of hair care for men.

A product range for men’s hair

Coming up with a quality product for men’s hair, Lames & Tradition guarantees beauty for your hair. Just like a beard, hair requires regular care. Thanks to the different products for men’s hair presented, you will be able to care for your mane of hair without damaging it. Our hair waxes are perfect for styling your hair with no limit. Whether it has a matte or shiny finish, you can use it every day, without seeing damage to your hair due to aggressive components.

Lames & Tradition, always aiming to provide quality hair products for men, offers different shampoos, men hair lotion, powders… Enough to take care of your hair and style it without dear, thanks to the quality products, all Made in France.

Men’s hair care, a matter of style

For men’s hair care, everyone is ready to give their all. Taking care of oneself has become, nowadays, a social imperative, and men, these past few years, have been discovering different ranges of products adapted to their needs. Whether they are products for skin, beard or hair care, men no longer hesitate. Men taking care of their hair, therefore, has become essential; ergo, these days, the number of specialists in facial hair and regular hair, such as barbers, is blooming in our cities to men’s delight. Having beautiful hair, for men, is necessary, so Lames & Tradition offers the necessary products for this kind of well-being.

Hair care products for men

Currently, Lames & Tradition offers different kind of hair care products for men. Thanks to ingredients such as donkey’s milk, vegetable oils, or natural clay, Lames & Tradition’s “Made in France” products care for your hair. Maintaining men’s hair is now a priority and a know-how. There are different ranges of products on the market, but Lames & Tradition is really part of the dynamics of product development especially targeted for barbers and their shops by offering products adapted to each and every kind of hair, so that the majority can benefit from these hair products for men.

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  • Blue Shiny Hair Wax Lames & Tradition This is the novelty of the end of year 2019, the shiny water-soluble hair wax! We released, in September 2019, on the occasion of the MCB convention in Paris, 2 hair waxes: a matte and a brilliant in medium fixation. Your feedback was promising. That’s why we continued to develop another hair wax for you. This...

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  • Matte Hair Wax Lames & Tradition After many years spent in cosmetics and care products for your beards, we decided to create a matte hair wax for you. Our goal is to always create new products to offer you a new range of products throughout the year. This wax is perfect if you want a flexible hairstyle all day long. Indeed, thanks to its medium...

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  • Hair Wax Shiny Finish – Lames & Tradition You asked it a lot and we created this hair wax just for you. Not only do we care about the pride of our bearded folk, but we also care about their hair too. Indeed, at Lames & Tradition we listen to you and take your desires into account to evolve and create products, faithful to our image, according to...

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