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How to grow, densify and maintain a beard ?

How to grow, densify and maintain a beard ?

For all men, the question that remains in their head is often the same, how to grow the beard? This question can be a stress according to everyone. There are many products to grow the beard, or rather, to help the growth of the latter. We still have to find the right ones. In addition to beard cleaning products, there are several crucial steps to follow before enjoying your beautiful, hard-earned beard. This is what we are going to present to you below.

Let your beard grow with our beard dietary supplement

If you do not have a beard, unfortunately do not rely on our beard dietary supplements.There is no miracle cure except patience. We are not going to lie to you like many brands by telling you that we have products that grow a beard where you have never had one. Our dietary supplements for beards are intended to help your hair to gain in volume and density. Your beard will then be more beautiful with a good volume.

It's time to use beard cleaning products

A few weeks have passed, and your beard is starting to grow in length, it is time to use our beard care products.We recommend our oils for beard. Whether they have Woody scents, Spicy Flowers, Amber Leather or Blond Tobacco, they will all be adapted to your beard for everyday comfort. We guarantee you the best products on the market for your beard! But what will be the advantages of our beard oils? They will allow to calm the itching related to the growth of your beard, then, the oil will moisturize your skin and nourish it, especially thanks to the oil of avocado and camellia. Your beard will also rebel, and will be quite rough, which is why jojoba oil, present in our woody oils, spicy flowers and amber leather, will bring all the best properties to make your hair soft and silky.

We then offer you a wide choice of products to maintain your beard

After a few months of growing, you must, every day, maintain your hard-earned beard! For this, we offer you the ideal partner of oil, the beard balm. The beard balm is ideal for long beards, it will allow you to structure your beard and nourish it more compared to the oil thanks to its vegetable butters. We advise you to alternate between oils and balms for optimal maintenance of your beard. It is also essential to come and brush your beard during the day, and for this, we recommend our  beard brushes with wild boar hair and olive wood. With antistatic properties, wild boar hair will prevent hair from curving and being unruly.

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