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Black Friday and gifts for all men with or without beards!

Black Friday and gifts for all men with or without beards!

Black Friday is the day you should not miss to prepare your gifts for all men with or without beards! Sign of promotions and benefits not to be missed, this is the time when you may make good deals such as gifts for bearded man or for shaving. All areas are concerned, such as fashion, high tech and of course cosmetics.

What is Black Friday?

But exactly, what is Black Friday? What is the origin of this expression and event?

In the United States, the most followed day of the year is the day after the Thanksgiving Thursday meal. This date is a day of sales that marks the beginning of gift purchases for the end of the year. Black Friday will always fall on a Friday, because, indeed, in the USA, Thanksgiving takes place on the last Thursday of November.

It was in 1951 that this expression was first used. It appeared in a newspaper article, the term having a negative connotation in its early days, because it was the weekend that the workers took, taking a day off on Fridays, which generated large traffic jams on the roads. They were then "black of people". The term Black Friday was also used by the police to describe their overtime during this festive weekend.

Subsequently, in the 60s, the term represented the number of pedestrians and exceptionally numerous vehicles during Christmas shopping.

Finally, it was in the 70s that American stores decided to adopt the expression Black Friday to designate the beginning of end of the year purchases.

Exclusive benefits for our bearded men!

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