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How to maintain your beard so that it is silky?

How to maintain your beard so that it is silky?

To have a beautiful beard, you have to, as for hair, take care of it. But how to maintain your beard so that it is silky? Thanks to our barbers, bearded and professionals in the job, we have developed ranges of beard care products adapted to each type of beard and each type of preferences with unique fragrances composed of complex olfactory pyramids. By reading this article you will know everything about beard care and the necessary products. 

Let's start with cleaning, how to wash your beard?

How to wash your beard? But before that, why? Your beard is a real filter: dust, pollution, and food do not mix well and are daily aggressions for your hair. It is therefore essential, for a short beard, to clean it at least three times a week. For a beard that lasts several months longer, daily maintenance is necessary for clean and silky hair.

That is why, in partnership with a Gers (Occitanic) donkey farm, we have specially developed one of the best beard shampoos on the market in order to combine our knowledge on vegetable oils and beard care for men, with the organic donkey milk of our donkey farm with recognized moisturizing properties. Thus, our shampoo will clean and nourish your beard deeply. But much more than a shampoo, it is above all a soap for beard, but also for your body. It will moisturize your skin thanks to donkey milk, an exceptional treatment with soothing, nutritious, and restorative properties, recognized since ancient times. Our soaps are also enriched with vegetable oils. Your skin naturally secretes sebum that comes to nourish and strengthen your beard and hair, and when cleaning your hair this sebum is removed. Thus, the vegetable oils of our shampoos for beard will come to re-adjust your hair to avoid the appearance of forks. You will therefore understand that it is not recommended to clean your beard every day, at the risk that it dries out strongly.

To clean it, simply moisten, lather the beard shampoo for men, rub and massage the beard for a thorough cleaning, and finally rinse with clear water, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Dry and style your beard with an antistatic beard brush

With a wet beard, your hair will quickly return to its natural wavy shape. So, you will have to dry it and style it with an antistatic beard brush. Start by drying it in the sweetest way possible. A towel will do, but you can prefer a hair dryer, but pay attention to its quality and the use of straighteners, because even if the heat makes it possible to smooth the hairs, too much heat can strongly damage them, especially with regular use.

Then paint your beard using a beard brush made of boar hair for a long beard that will allow you to untangle it. For a short beard it is better to use a pocket brush or our engraved horn comb. Our beard accessories are made up, like the hair, of a molecular structure made of keratin, which will avoid a static electricity effect and your hair to turn outward when styling. So, avoid plastic accessories.

Nourish the beard with beard products for men

After brushing and untangling your beard, now it is time to nourish it, soften it and give it shape with beard products for men. Two essential allies for your creation: oil, and balm.

Beard softening oil has been designed in our lab after months of research to nourish and soften your beard as deeply as possible thanks to its multiple vegetable oils, such as, macadamia, camellia, jojoba, avocado oil, and argan oil for the Premium range. The beard balm also contains vegetable waxes such as shea butter and cocoa butter to shape your beard. Its styling properties are not as strong as a mustache wax but will give your beard a more uniform look for your day.

First, apply a few drops in the palm of your hand, then rub your hands and gently apply the beard oil to your hair while massaging well up to the face to nourish your skin. For balm, same procedure to return the wax to an oily state.

And that is it, with this ritual you will have a silky and clean beard for your day! As with hair, a nickel beard goes through regular brushing, and cleaning it several times a week. This ritual also gives your beard the best conditions to accelerate the growth of the beard in a natural way.

Here is a short video made with our barber ambassador Jean Pascal Collin on the maintenance of a beard: