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Manual or electric shaver for sensitive skin?

Manual or electric shaver for sensitive skin?

Manual or electric razor, it is a difficult choice for sensitive skin. In this article, we give you all the information to make the right choice! Men with sensitive skin, you must ask yourself a question regularly: is it better to use a mechanical or electric shaver to shave? In 2022, there are many ways to shave, some of them very original, but there are two main tools. But before we go into detail about each of the two types of razors, you should know that it is a matter of taste and use, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and given the wide range of products on the market, it is not because a razor is suitable for someone close to you that it will be suitable for you! Indeed, you surely don't have the same skin sensitivity, the same habits and routines, the same way of shaving and taking care of your face, and we are not here to judge! We will give you the pros and cons of each one, so that you can decide.

Why choose an electric shaver?

If in this part we are going to tell you why choosing an electric shaver can be the solution for you, we are not going to answer the question "Which electric shaver to choose?", because tradition being at the heart of our soul, we are neither manufacturers nor experts in electric shavers, and others are much more relevant to help you know which shaver to sin in this ocean of technological tools all more different than each other.

First, the first difference between an electric and a manual shaver is the safety. Indeed, it is protected by a grid limiting cuts and irritations and allows you to save money in the long run, because you don't have to buy a new head. But be careful, this is valid if you compare an electric razor with a Mach3 type razor, but there is not only that to shave, but we will talk about it in the next part. Moreover, you won't necessarily need an aftershave to rehydrate the skin, since the aggressions of shaving on it will be greatly reduced. Thus, to get the "three-day beard" effect that is in fashion, an electric shaver will be more relevant, because it also allows for a very quick shaving ritual: no preparation, quick passes through the safety of the grid, and no after-shave routine.

However, you should not forget that electric shavers come in all types and qualities, but especially in all prices. You will have to invest a lot more to have a more efficient shave, longer lasting batteries, more precision, etc. And at certain prices, you can even have self-cleaning systems that can be used in the shower, in the car, and so on.

On the other hand, the major drawback of the electric shaver is its cutting precision and efficiency. Indeed, no electric razor today is efficient enough to replace the passage of a real razor blade on your skin, which will reach most hairs as close to their bulb as possible, allowing you to have a totally smooth skin, and longer. Moreover, the precision of the razor (depending on the price) can be limited for areas such as the jawline, the contour of the mouth and the nose, and will be very ineffective on very coarse hair and hair that is too long, hence the need to have an extra trimmer to "pre-shave" the areas to be shaved. Finally, on mid-range products, the noise and the battery can be a serious problem for your routine, and you can never be sure that a hair will get stuck and be "plucked", causing a not-so-pleasant pulling sensation. Finally, if your razor breaks down, you won't be able to shave without electricity either, which you'll tell me happens in quite a few cases, but hey, nowadays it's important to be careful with your consumption, right?

To conclude: Choosing an electric or manual razor for the beard, we will advise you the manual razor to trace the contours of it, not to hang the hairs, and to make a precise shaving delimiting well your beard and your face. But for those whose skin is very sensitive, those who don't have the time (or don't want to take it), the electric razor can be a good tool. In this case, we would advise you to invest in a quality product rather than on products from the other side of the world, for the planet, for your face, and to avoid wasting hundreds of euros in the purchase of new electric tools.

Why choose a manual shaver?

Now, why choose a manual shaver? We are not going to go into detail about the different types of manual shavers and which one to choose because we have already talked about it here, but let's do a little reminder anyway. There are two types of manual razors: those with interchangeable heads (exit disposable razors which in addition to throwing away the plastic of the heads, we throw away the plastic of the handles), and those with changeable blades. There are also cabbage trimmers, whose blade must be sharpened regularly, but these are reserved for seasoned enthusiasts because although they do not require the purchase of blades, they require regular and meticulous maintenance, coupled with a good mastery of the tool, because yes: a cabbage trimmer blade can be sharper than a new razor blade So, we advise you to look at shavettes, which are basically cabbage cutters with interchangeable blades, because they are less expensive than real cabbage cutters, and they allow you to try traditional shaving step by step, without having to learn how to sharpen a cabbage cutter right away, especially if you don't like old-fashioned shaving.

Let's go back to our "classic" manual razors. On the one hand, razors with interchangeable heads: there are all kinds: 2, 3, 4, 5 blades (and even more), with soothing strips, with vibration, etc. However, their effectiveness will differ much less than the often-exorbitant price of the heads, put down by the razor manufacturers. On the other hand, we have the razors with changeable blades. Whether it is the shavette or the safety razor, the blade that is inserted is the same (half of a double blade for the shavette), and each side is for single use. This way, the blade will be systematically sharper than an electric razor, even a new one, and will cut the hairs cleanly, and as close to the skin as possible. Whether you have a big Viking beard or a teenager's beard, whether you use an electric shaver or a manual shaver, this single blade will be the most effective. Obviously, in general, the manual razor will be more efficient because it is closer to the skin and sharper, but a whole head with several blades already in use will be less efficient than a single blade that is changed each time. In fact, besides the wear of the blade, the number of blades does not show more efficiency than a single usable blade, which will be used only once. It is better to make several passes with one blade than one pass with a multi-blade, both for the sensitivity of your skin and for the precise and clean shaving of your hair (and we can't imagine changing the head at each shave...). Finally, it's much more interesting in terms of ecology because you will only throw away recyclable blades (there are plenty of solutions), and not a head including plastic, often inseparable from the blades, implying that the blades will not be recycled.

We said it above, but the blade (new therefore) will pass as close to the hair, cutting it cleanly, thus facilitating its regrowth and avoiding ingrown hairs to hinder the appearance of new hair. Indeed, you'll have no doubt as to what is more effective than an electric or manual shaver for growing a beard. And there's nothing like such a precise razor to outline your beard and bring out its aspects and assert its style, because no, wearing a beard is not dirty, especially when it's maintained, and it can be very "clean" when the contours are well drawn (ah, the pleasure of when you leave the barbershop).

However, the main disadvantage of manual shaving compared to an electric razor, and which is the counterpart of its undeniable advantage of a close shave that can be close to perfection, is time. Indeed, to fully benefit from the efficiency of a manual shave and to avoid irritations like with an electric shaver, you will have to do things before AND after shaving. It starts with preparation: application of shaving oil, dilation of the skin pores with a warm and wet towel, application of a natural shaving product (shaving soap to be lathered with a shaving brush or tracing gel, in any case a product that is not harmful to you, especially if your skin is sensitive), and then you can move on to shaving. Finally, after a more careful shave than with an electric razor because the risks of cutting yourself are much greater, you will have to apply an aftershave. And here again, an aftershave with alcohol is just what we advise against: Alcohol disinfects, but it irritates the skin, dries it out, and causes an unpleasant sensation that can increase redness from shaving. We recommend an alcohol-free aftershave with facial care properties, such as ours, enriched with organic Aloe Vera, which is known to stop bleeding, and vegetable oils to rehydrate and protect the skin damaged by the blade(s) and to calm redness. You'll see, once you try it, you won't be able to do without it!

So, to summarize, manual shaving is more precise and efficient than electric shaving, and even more so for single-blade shaving, but it requires preparation of the skin before and care afterwards and requires more time in the shaving routine. It's much more environmentally friendly and economical to use a quality electric razor, but it's even more so for a single-blade razor that can be changed, not to mention the cabbage trimmer, which is a once-in-a-lifetime tool purchase(s). Remember that the products you use for your manual shave have a lot to do with the effectiveness of the shave, as well as the feel and reaction of your skin post-shave, so choose products that are quality, long-lasting and good for your skin to fully embrace manual shaving!


In conclusion, our opinion on an electric or manual shaver for men, is the manual shaver one blade, with the right steps and the right products. However, some people don't have the time or inclination to take care of their face "that much", and that's understandable, but invest in a quality electric razor, it will be more economical and more environmentally friendly in the long run. Otherwise, if you want to know more about manual shaving and shaving with a shavette, safety razor, or cabbage cutter, we invite you to read our other blog articles and our YouTube channel. Don't hesitate to follow us on social networks and visit our "shaving category" to discover our products made in France from natural ingredients!