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8 gift ideas for men for a successful Christmas!

8 gift ideas for men for a successful Christmas!

The festive season is approaching, and the team has prepared a selection of 8 gift ideas for men for a successful Christmas! Whether he has a beard or not, we will surely have something for him. So, we've put together a short list based on his habits and desires (and his beard, if he has one!), to help you find the best gift for men for Christmas! Let's start with bearded men...

What to gift to a bearded man?

Indeed, for Christmas, what to gift to a bearded man? We have already answered this question in our article on beard care gifts, but here we will specify according to the type of beard the lucky guy has.

1. What gift for a long beard? Your relative is a seasoned pogonophile, so he probably has his own habits and routines for caring for it, or not. However, using beard oils can't hurt, but what we recommend most is a beard balm. This is because for long beards, flyaway hairs are a real nuisance for a beautiful, even coat. The balm will have the effect of making it shiny, while straightening unruly hairs for the day, or evening. If he already has the right beard products, a boar bristle brush might be a great gift idea to help him tame those stubborn hairs! Its high-quality construction and keratin composition make it a perfect tool for disciplining long beards! Finally, a last gift idea for the bearded man will be the "Balm" Pack, including balm, comb and solid soap with organic donkey milk, a special soap to clean beards in depth.

idées cadeaux pour barbes longues

2. What gift for a short beard? Now, if his beard is quite short (a few centimetres), the long boar bristle brush may be too big for your bearded friend. So, the mini brush will be more suitable, and being the same composition as the big one, it will have the same benefits. Alternatively, the engraved horn comb will be just as good for shorter, less full beards. For a small beard, oil will probably be more suitable, allowing to moisturize in depth. Indeed, when they are short, the hairs are less difficult to discipline, the combo oil and styling accessory will be sufficient. We also offer the Beard Pack, with an oil, an organic donkey milk beard soap and a comb, to provide your bearded friend with everything they need.

idées cadeau pour barbes courtes

3. What gift for a growing beard? Finally, if he wants to grow a beard, but is in the early stages of doing so, you should know that there is no product that will make hair grow where there is none. Indeed, have you ever seen products that can miraculously counteract baldness? It's the same for a beard, the only thing to do is to be patient, because unlike the scalp, the beard tends to grow with age. So, you may wonder what to use for a growing beard, and we had written a full article on the solutions that can promote growth, and here they are: Patience, regular cleaning, and daily moisturizing. Indeed, a clean skin, cleaned of pollution, smoke, and all the impurities of everyday life, will be in better conditions to allow the formation of bulbs and hair growth. In addition, moisturising with vegetable oils will strengthen the hair follicle, while protecting the hair from everyday aggressions. Thus, we recommend a beard oil, possibly a comb to discipline emerging hairs, but especially a donkey milk beard soap! The "Beard" pack is also suitable for very short beards.

Finally, if you want to give him a great beard gift for Christmas, a Beard Box including oil, balm, soap and comb, or the Bearded Man's Travel Kit, including all the bearding gear, will be great presents for your bearded man's Christmas!

Idées cadeau pour barbe naissante

What to gift to a man who doesn't have a beard?

"But he doesn't have a beard...", so what to gift a man? If he doesn't have a beard, he probably shaves. And the "Lames" (meaning Blades) in our brand name makes sense, as shaving is also part of beard-wearing, if you're not a full-beard fan.

4. Gift ideas for a man who shaves. If your recipient is used to big box shaving tools, disposable or reusable razors, chemical shaving foam and aftershave that burns his neck and cheeks, we have some gift ideas that might appeal to him. First and foremost: Lames & Tradition aftershave. Our aftershave, enriched with hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera, will really change the habits of the person receiving your gift. A single drop will be enough to soothe post-shave irritations, considerably limit ingrown hairs, and will also act as a facial treatment, moisturising and protecting the skin. You can also use it to moisturize your face, and no more burns because it is alcohol-free, a component that is not recommended for calming irritations. Alternatively, a 100% natural pre-shave oil, to be applied before shaving, will be very beneficial to limit the snags that some razors can have, especially when the blades are no longer new, while protecting the skin. Transparent shaving oil is perfect for contouring. On our site you have a pack including aftershave and shaving oil with 20% discount! Finally, if he wants a nice razor that he can keep for years, with just the head to change, we offer our Mach3 razor. And if he is sensitive to a more qualitative shave, the safety razor could be a good alternative, more economical and ecological than the Mach3 razors. Its single blade will bring him back to the 20th century, while limiting plastic waste: he will only have to change the blade. What's more, by changing the blade each time, he'll never use blades that have been worn out by several shaves, for an optimal shave quality. For more information on shaving tools, visit our blog!

Idées cadeau pour rasage quotidien

5. A great gift for the vintage enthusiast: the traditional shave. Traditional shaving is an art, but it's much more effective (and enjoyable!) than the "classic" shave. Why not try an old-fashioned shave? A shavette razor can be an original gift for men. With a changeable razor blade and a little practice, trying the shavette is adopting it! In addition, we offer a "Traditional Shave" pack including a shavette engraved with Lames & Tradition in black ebony wood, as well as a 50mL shaving oil. Also, the shaving brush and the shaving soap can be a much more effective and gentler alternative to industrial shaving foams! Finally, we have the “shaving” set will include a shaving brush, shaving soap, shaving oil and safety razor for a first step towards a traditional shave!

Idées cadeau pour rasage traditionnel

More great gift ideas for men

In addition to beard care and shaving, we offer more original gift ideas for men.

6. Gifts for an original style: Hair products. We offer 3 hair waxes, based on natural ingredients, with different finishes: Matte effect (with clay), shiny effect (Pento style), and wet effect (gel style). These quality products, made in France, can be a nice gift for someone who takes care of themselves and their look. In a 100mL jar, he will have what he needs to shape his hair with professional products!

Idées cadeau pour cheveux

7. A unique fragrance for men! Our "woody" and "amber leather" ranges have been developed into real eaux de toilette, and there is little chance that if he is not already a user of the brand's products, he will be familiar with these two unique fragrances made by our perfumer in Grasse. Indeed, the woody notes (patchouli, vetiver) or the Premium fragrance are scents that you won't find elsewhere!

Idée cadeau eaux de toilette

8. French made clothes for Christmas: No ugly Christmas jumper to offer you, but rather quality lifestyle clothes, with the brand's logo, giving a unique style. Jumpers, T-shirts, caps, it's always an original little gift, which often pleased people who didn't even know the brand! And if he is a skater and in the world of beards, he might find his happiness in the skateboard, which he can "grip" and "truck" to do ollie or kick-flips in the local skatepark!

Idées cadeaux Vetements et skateboard

Here are 8 ideas to help you find an original gift for the end-of-the-year holidays, whether the lucky recipient is bearded or not! Don't hesitate to check out our "Promotions" page where Christmas promotions are running at the time of publication! If we do have regular promotions throughout the year, please subscribe to our social networks and/or our newsletter! Have a nice day and happy holidays!