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How to shave well in 3 steps with the traditional tools?

How to shave well in 3 steps with the traditional tools?

How to shave well in 3 steps with the traditional tools Lames & Tradition? Tips for using a razor, badger and shaving soap.

How to prepare your skin for shaving?

To know how to prepare your skin for shaving, you have to be methodical. The first step in shaving is to clean your beard. Clean your skin before shaving. You can use  our donkey milk soap for this. Clean skin is essential to prevent bacteria and dirt from seeping into the pores of the skin and possible cuts.

Then you will need to prepare your skin for shaving. For this, the pre-shaving oilLames & Tradition, thanks to its fatter texture than a maintenance oil, plays a crucial role in the reduction of notches, cuts, and irritations. Start by moistening the area to be shaved with warm water to dilate the pores of the skin. Place a drop of pre-shaving oil in the palm of your hand. Emulsify and heat the shaving oil palm-to-palm.

Massage on the entire area to be shaved in order to make the oil penetrate, which will protect the skin from the passage of the blades while moisturizing your skin. Then apply your shaving cream or soap to the areas to be shaved by having it lathered with a brush for shaving, making circular movements with it. You can now shave smoothly with more glide and ease.

How to perform a traditional shaving?

After applying and foaming your shaving cream or beard soap, you can start your traditional shaving. But how to perform a traditional shaving? 

Shaving in the direction of growth of your hair will allow you to avoid the formation of ingrown hairs. Start with the paws by going down to the cheeks. Reserve the neck and chin area for the end of the shaving, this being the most difficult depending on the shape of your face. Thus, you will let the shaving oil for men act longer, which will facilitate the cutting of these thicker hairs and this less regular area.

Clean your razor blade frequently under a trickle of hot water, which will make it easier for it to slide without damaging the skin.

To perform a traditional shaving, you will need two or even 3 passes. In the second pass, smear your face with shaving foam or shaving cream. With the badger, proceed in the same way as before. During this second pass, your razor with handle or shavette must attack the hair in the opposite direction of its growth, unlike the first, to cut the hairs closest to the root. A single passage of the blade is sufficient.

During this stage, a light and skillful gesture is essential so as not to traumatize your skin. You can finalize with a third pass, this time in the direction of the hair, to remove the last hairs and have a perfect shave.

Finalisation and post-shaving care

Once the shaving is complete, it is not over. So, you will have to do the after shaving care. First, sprinkle your face with cold water several times. In addition to ridding your face of cream residues, cold water closes the pores of your skin and prevents dirt from lodged there. If there are cuts, use an alum stone with naturally hemostatic properties to stop the bleeding after passing it under warm water, it also tones the skin and helps tighten the pores after shaving.

To dry your face, dab it with a clean towel, without rubbing. Friction would be an additional aggression for the skin of your face, very sensitive. Your skin now dried and freshly shaved, it is time to give it the care it needs with aftershave products for men.

There are two types of aftershave care: alcohol-free aftershave lotion, ideal for men with oily skin, and moisturizing balm aftershave, for men with dry skin. The alcohol contained in some aftershaves is strongly discouraged, because not only does it attack the skin, but it may dry it a lot while it needs to be hydrated. Alcohol-free aftershave lotion should be applied by tamponade the face and in small amounts while the moisturizing aftershave balm should be gently massaged until completely absorbed by the epidermis. If you have normal skin, you have the luxury of being able to choose one of the two aftershave treatments at your leisure.  

Our woody scented men's aftershave cream can also be used in facial care. Indeed, enriched with hyaluronic acid naturally present in the body, it helps to overcome the signs of old age.The alcohol-free aftershave for men will also allow your skin to stay hydrated throughout the day. A small amount will be enough to moisturize your entire face as a result of a full shave.


Do not hesitate to watch our video with our barber ambassador Jean Pascal Collin, on the different stages of a traditional shaving: