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Holes in the beard: How to remedy it and get your beard style?

Holes in the beard: How to remedy it and get your beard style?

You have holes in your beard and you wonder how to remedy it and wear the beard style of your dreams. The Lames & Tradition team answers you on what you can do to fix it!

How to help the growth of the beard?

It is no secret, but to help the growth of the beard, it must be maintained regularly. As with a child, you have to give your beard all the elements so that it can grow and grow in good conditions, except that it requires less attention on a daily basis, you will agree. To maintain it, you will need to bring oils, balms, and beard soaps as well as accessories such as a horn comb and/or an antistatic brush. Feel free to read our article on beard maintenance for more details on how to take care of his beard.

If with this regular maintenance your beard is irregular or sparse, you can probably be discouraged, because it is a fact: not all beards are equal. The implantation of a beard depends on several hormonal factors, but also genetic. So, you'll wonder which product can grow a beard and correct an incomplete implantation, but despite our 2021 april fools joke, we do confirm: it does not exist. Indeed, if your cheek lacks hair, it is not a vegetable oil, much less a chemical that will magically make fleece appear, because the cleaning products promote the growth of existing hairs. But do not panic! First, hair growth improves as you age. In addition, if you are under 30 years of age, it is likely that you have not yet reached your hormonal peak and that by maintaining your beard and face regularly the holes fill themselves, little by little.

How to Grow Your Beard: Patience

The first solution to know how to grow your beard is patience! If your beard is not uniform, wait. Let it, even if it is not as aesthetically pleasing as you wanted, the time it takes to evaluate its potential, leaving it about a month. Indeed, if you are always trying to even your beard and shave areas that do not "grow", you will never give your hair time to grow, harden and densify. To promote this development, do not forget to maintain your beard by understanding the hole areas using beard care products such as oils, balms, or beard soaps. This regular maintenance should be coupled with the use of brushes and beard combs that will stimulate your bulbs and thus help the shoot. This daily styling will distribute sebum and beard products, standardizing the action surface and nourishing the hair in depth. But it also helps to mitigate areas with low hair by "camouflage" irregularities with areas where the hairs are quite long. It will also smooth the hairs to allow others to grow, removing dirt that can lodge in your beard and associating new hairs with old ones. There are also dietary supplements that can help your beard grow, but again, these supplements, if they are not bad for you, will only influence your existing hairiness, and don't expect miracle results. Now, if after a month of growing your beard has not changed, we still have a few tips to reveal to you how to fill the holes in the beard.

How do I compensate for the beard holes?

It has been more than a month since your beard stagnated and you look to find out how to compensate for the holes in the beard. Start by assessing the situation: Areas have naturally filled up? If not, can you even it by trimming to even your beard? Can you compensate for the holes with the areas where the hairs are longer? These questions will allow you to gauge the evolution of your beard, and test different cuts to find out which style will suit you best. Then, if your holes are visible and your beard does not grow, it may be wise, once a month, to cut the tip of the hairs by removing half a centimeter or a little more, to remove the forks and tips damaged and stimulate the hair so that the growth resumes. It is, as with hair, a very well-known technique to get more length and gradually get closer to a beard to the Gandalf the Grey, if so that your implantation expands.

You can also make it up. But this solution is only temporary, and to be redone daily to sport a complete fleece, the makeup can have a negative effect on the growth of your hair, depending on the composition of the products you use. This may be a short-term solution for an evening or photo shoot, but not in the long run, not favoring the implantation of your beard and may even inhibit it.

A long-term solution to know how to wear a beard is to assume your type of beard! Observe your implantation, analyze the shape of your face, and two solutions are available to you: Assume your implantation, or adapt your beard style. The first solution may seem odd to you, but it can be more sensible! Just as a person will use his long locks to compensate for his skull that is going bald over time, trying to hide the holes in your beard can have an even more visible result than simply assuming your beard as it is. The most famous example is John Wick's actor Keanu Reeves, who proudly wears his sparse beard of holes, giving it a unique style and in the age of time.  The other solution is to adapt your beard style. Indeed, if you want a Fullbeard but your cheeks are sparse while your mustache and goat are well supplied, adopting a Hollywood style or a Goat can be a solution to wear a successful and complete style. If on the contrary the beard has difficulty growing at the chin, but your legs are provided and dense, adopting the sideburns can be a style both original and suitable for your implantation! The best way to find out is to ask your barber what style of beard is right for you. What could be more relevant than a professional to advise you? It will offer you a style of beard that suits you and is totally adapted to your implantation, but also and above all to the shape of your face, while being in tune with the haircut you will sport. Of course, it will not be a miracle, but your barber will be the best friend of your beard, allowing you to wear it proudly while waiting for your implantation to evolve.

In other words, rather than trying to figure out how to grow a beard where there is none, be proud of your hair and arm yourself with patience and rigor in maintaining it for one day wearing the style of beard that suits you best!

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