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Oil or balm for your beard, what to choose?

Oil or balm for your beard, what to choose?

Every bearded man has already asked himself the following question: Oil or beard balm, what to choose?  If you read this article, you will know what is the best beard care product to use according to your style and desires. Indeed, many questions we have received from pogonophilia neophytes wishing to provide their beard, new or very supplied, the most suitable product for it to be silky and soft, but also so that it can grow in the best conditions. So, we decided today to respond to you in an article detailing the uses of beard care oils and their ideal application conditions and those of beard balms, to finally conclude on their daily use!

Men’s beard oils

Men's beard oils are undoubtedly the bearded man's best friend. But back to its virtues. If you are looking for which beard oil to choose from, you might be interested in our article on beard oils and their benefits.

Let's get back to our beard oils. A beard oil is basically composed of vegetable oils and a perfume. Unlike many oils on the market, ours do not have as a perfume a simple essential oil, but a real complex olfactory pyramid delivering a panel of smells chaining one by one: top notes, heart notes and finally background notes. The result is unique fragrances that you will not find anywhere else. As for vegetable oils, these raw materials are selected according to their manufacturing process, their impact on the environment and of course their benefits for your beard. All these elements combined allow us today to provide you with oils ideal for your beard, you will only have to rely on your tastes to know what beard oil to buy, depending on its fragrance.

But what's the point of a moisturizing beard oil? Hydration, of course. But more precisely? The active ingredients of the oil components will not only moisturize and nourish the hair of your beard in depth, but also the skin of your face, which can become very sensitive in the same way as the scalp: It becomes the root of hundreds of hairs where multiple aggressions appear, also explaining the interest of using a shampoo for beard. However, its texture is much fatter than a lotion because it does not contain water, does not penetrate the components away, hence the subtle fragrance that sublimates your beard during its absorption. You will be able to apply a few drops depending on the length, and massage thoroughly to distribute the product and promote its effectiveness. Then you must let it work. The specificity of our oils is its texture oily enough to nourish the hair, but not too much for it to penetrate quickly. If your beard does not exceed 2cm, 2 to 4 drops will suffice. If it is longer, you may need to put a dozen, but know that the more you put, the more fat your beard will remain for a long time, and the more drops would be like an oil bath, but it is not the same approach and it will be reserved for a future article!

Once the oil is applied, the results will be seen directly: your beard will look silkier, brighter and more robust. You can repeat daily and even twice a day for long beards, but we will prefer regular brushing to distribute oil and sebum, secretion of the skin aimed naturally at grease and moisturize hair and hair. Because on long beards, you will notice that it is mainly the end of the beard that needs oil and reinforcement, especially because of the forks. In addition, too much oil can create a beard and oily skin effect, as the skin has trouble absorbing everything, and cause pimples and itching. Thus, a regular brushing is a complementary asset to the daily application of beard oil, making the combo almost indispensable for a uniform and beautiful beard!

The strengths of men's balms for beards

The strengths of men’s balms for beards are not negligible for the maintenance of your beard. But what is the difference with beard oils? In the multitude of men's beard treatments on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate a serum from a lotion, but for beard balm it is quite simple: its styling effect. Unlike beard styling gels, which are made up of ingredients that are harmful to your hair and skin, as are most hair styling gels on the market, the balm is a perfect compromise. Its composition is very similar to a beard oil and are so for our ranges: The Premium beard oil contains the same vegetable oils as Premium beard balm. However, the balm also contains vegetable waxes, such as beeswax and shea butter that we add to ours making them creamy, and this will make the product more solid: a natural and non-aggressive styling and fixing effect for your beard. Each of our products are well thought out, from the development to the output through the numerous tests, and we now think we will provide you with one of the best beard balms on the market, because of their ease of application, their fixing power, their benefits, and their natural origin.

The usefulness of the beard moisturizer is therefore reduced to the same benefits as a beard oil, but its oilier texture will also help shape your beard and limit the hairs that reseal by softening everything. Less solid than a mustache wax, however, the balm, failing to allow a Dali mustache, will guide the shape of the beard throughout your day. Its application is very similar to beard oil, but with the waxes contained in it you will have to rub well in your hands to warm them up and make them return to the oily state, which will resume after application a solid state to "fix" your hair in the desired way.

We do not necessarily recommend the use of moisturizing balm for short beards (less than 3cm), as it is the implantation that guides the direction of the hairs at the root, and these may be more difficult to tame with a balm than on a beard provided 20cm in length. In addition, its very oily texture may have difficulty penetrating on less hair. We therefore advise you to favor the oil, drip-drip-shaped with a built-in eye-dropper, for the first few centimeters of your growing beard.

What is best between a beard balm and an oil?

Both. If you want to know what is best between a beard balm and an oil, we will tell you that both are suitable, but not at the same time of the life of your beard and your day. Indeed, for beard maintenance these products are complementary. For enough beards ranging from the goat to the fullbeard through the necklace, both will suit you perfectly. Some will prefer balm, others oil, and much according to the desire of the moment.

We prefer balm in the morning before going to work, or when we prepare before going out, because it makes it easy to shape the beard for the day. In the evening, when brushing teeth, a small stroke of oil for its lightness and ease of application, to give a pep to our beard, or after washing it with a shampoo for beard having thoroughly cleaned the hair and skin of the face. But each his routine, each his desires, now you know everything on what to choose between a balm and an oil, you only have to treat yourself and your beard with our products for men's beard!