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Which beard shampoo to choose and how to differentiate them?

Which beard shampoo to choose and how to differentiate them?

Which beard shampoo to choose and how to differentiate them?

After reading this article you will know which shampoo to choose beard, but especially how to differentiate them in a market where brands of all types emerge every day. Let us start at the bottom:  Why use a beard shampoo instead of a hair shampoo or shower gel?

Hairs are very different from the skin. They have (and have had) several uses, biologically speaking, and tend to harden and densify to protect against daily aggressions such as bacteria, cold, insect bites, etc. But today, in our civilized age, daily aggressions are very different, and attack not only our health, but also our hair, originally intended to protect us. In these attacks, we can find pollution, cigarette smoke, but also and above all hygiene products. Indeed, many shower gels aimed at cleaning the skin can have a negative impact on hair, hence the importance of shampoo, which is intended to cleanse the hair. In addition, not all shampoos are necessarily good for your hair because they can attack your scalp, the root of your hair, more sensitive than the skin in other parts of the body. This will help you understand the need to use natural products rather than chemical components that can have a detrimental effect on your skin, scalp, hair, and beard.

Our desire to create beard shampoos more than 5 years ago is the result of an observation. The beard is different from the hair: the thickness of the hair, the speed of growth, the shape, etc. And today we do not necessarily want to have thick hairs and resistant to a wildlife, but rather a soft beard, maintained and healthy, whether long or short. Indeed, we try to avoid forks, hairs that fall with each brushing, and a dry and pungent beard. So, we created our sturdy donkey's milk shampoos to provide a soap that does not attack the skin of the face, or the hairs of the beard, and even better: it nourishes it, moisturizes it, and helps it to strengthen itself while doing its work of cleaning and untangling soap.

Listing the types of solid beard soaps would be tedious, as there are soaps of all shapes, consistencies, compositions, perfumes, etc. Some are chemical, others natural, and many sell natural beard shampoos, but actually contain a low-natural compound that is harmful to your beard or skin. It is therefore important, before buying aproduct for the beard, whatever it is, to look carefully at its composition to know with what we will strip our beard.

If you are a neophyte or just do not have the time or desire to be interested, do not hesitate to use apps like "Yuka" or "UFC que choisir - Quel Cosmetic" which are references in the cosmetics industry to find out what you're buying. By scanning a product or doing a search, you can get an automatic note of the product between 0 and 100, which gives an overview of the quality of the product you want to buy. To get this note, the application is based on the composition of the scanned products and the impact of the ingredients, so not limited to allergies but allowing anyone to know what they are consuming. Our soaps are rated "Excellent" on Yuka and "A" on UFC, where some soaps can be commented "bad" or "D" on the respective applications.

These notes obtained on Yuka are no coincidence, they are the result of a long design work and a meticulous choice of our partners to provide the best beard shampoo to our bearded, based on natural ingredients.

How are our beard soaps made?

In our process of total transparency with our bearded, you need to know how our beard soaps are made.  This goes back to the creation of the brand in 2014: we worked hand in hand with a laboratory expert in cosmetics, able to apply our ideas to design products in every detail of its finish, as well as with a perfumer with experienced know-how who could create complex olfactory pyramids from our ideas, giving our products a strong authenticity because of their unique fragrance. We wanted to create soaps by incorporating donkey's milk, so our laboratory redirected us to a local farm, a craft factory to meet our demand. The feeling between Stéphane and the team of the Gers farm was instantaneous: We were in contact with a human farm that respects each of its donkeys and designs products from a delicious, creamy, and certified organic donkey's milk. For the past 5 years, the donkey farm has been taking care of the soaps that accompany your daily life.

As for the manufacturing process, milk is harvested every morning by hand. Still hot from milking, this fresh milk is incorporated into the preparation of soap with vegetable oils for saponification. Then these soaps are put to dry for several weeks. They are then canned in recyclable cardboard packaging. Because it is a real pleasure to talk to them and take a big breath of fresh air at the top of their hill, we will get these soaps ourselves. We then take care of the packaging ourselves to send them to our logistics, which will take care of your good reception of solid soap at your barber,or directly at your home.

beard soaps production donkey milk

The benefits of our men's beard shampoo

Now that you know all about their manufacture, let us focus on the benefits of our men’s beard shampoo. You may have already gone to find out about our vegetable oils and their benefits for your beard, but we will come back so that at the end of this article, you know everything there is to know about our beard soaps.

First, as mentioned above, our beard soaps are enriched with organic donkey's milk and come from our artisanal donkey farm, which produces milk and soaps. Donkey's milk has many virtues recognized since antiquity, thanks to its composition which is very similar to breast milk. Donkey's milk is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, making it a perfect component for skin regeneration, without being too fat like other types of milk. It is a must in cosmetics, rich in Omega 6 and lactose, thus being able to nourish the skin deeply, moisturizing the skins the driest skins as the most sensitive to skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, while leaving a protective film against external aggressions. In addition, the vitamins C and E found in donkey's milk give it unique anti-aging benefits, acting as an ideal antioxidant for the face. Finally, its high protein concentration gives a tensor effect to the skin. In short, the donkey's milk contained in our beard shampoos with regenerative, protective, moisturizing, anti-ageing, and firming properties, which is why we considered it essential to design beard soaps with donkey's milk, for beards as well as for the face.

We have also chosen to add two vegetable oils to our beard soaps. The main reason is this: when you wash your beard with soap, you remove the fat produced naturally by your body. This fat naturally aims to protect your skin and nourish your beard, and this is called sebum. However, after a wash, your face and hair are deprived of this sebum. So, the oils in our soap will counterbalance by nourishing your hair while regulating sebum secretion.

We have selected only two to avoid getting a soap that is too greasy and unpleasant to use. First, jojoba oil. This oil, obtained from the seeds of the shrub in central America, also has multiple properties: It calms irritations of the root of your hair, regulates the secretion of the sebum, soothes and firms the skin, and protects against dehydration.  Avocado oil protects the skin and hair from aggression, softens them and makes soaps smooth.

For the rest of the soap composition, these are necessary ingredients for saponification and the creation of a soap: ingredients with tensioactive properties (distribution of the product), cleansers (it is a soap), emulsifiers and giving a certain viscosity to the final product. Then the last ingredient, which is very important in its own way, is perfume. The perfume created by our perfumer is not just an essential oil as can be found in many products, but a real olfactory pyramid. Each of the fragrances comes from numerous tests to create perfume products that you will not find elsewhere. The fragrances of our beard cleaners are the solid soap Premium amber leather fragrance, the solid soap Elixir perfume blond tobacco, and finally the solid soap woody fragrance, signature of Lames & Tradition.

How do you wash your beard with our donkey's milk shampoos?

To find out how to wash your beard with our donkey's milk shampoos, we invite you to read our article on beard maintenance. However, for optimal use, we recommend that you avoid cleaning your beard every day with soap so that the sebum can be secreted, and your skin and hairs do not dry out with repetitive washes. You can also use antistatic brushes or combs to untangle and style your beard, but especially to help, especially for long beards, the distribution of sebum along the entire length of the hair. This ritual avoids daily washing by removing much of the dirt that lodges between the hairs of your beard.

Now you know all about our handmade beard shampoos, their origin, the secrets of manufacture, and their usefulness. It is your beard that will be grateful!