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What gift for a man for Valentine's you should offer?

What gift for a man for Valentine's you should offer?

What gift for a man for Valentine’s ?

If you've landed on our blog, it’s to know what gift for a man for Valentine's you should offer. With the couple’s day approaching, the team of Lames & Tradition had to write you an article! But do you really know the origin of this tradition, which already existed in antiquity? Indeed, the Romans celebrated the arrival of spring during the Lupercales, which took place between February 13 and 15. Later, this festivity was romanticized by Shakespeare and his colleague Chaucer. Still on the other side of the Channel, this tradition developed during the 19th century, with the popularization of writing a love letter on a handmade card. It wasn't until 1910 that the Americans started mass production of greeting cards and today we are looking for a gift for our boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

What a gift for Valentine's Day for men ?

So, what gift for Valentine’s Day for men ? Today, Lames & Tradition offers you a selection for a Valentine's gift for him, for a soft, hydrated and clean beard with our made in France and natural products, rich in vegetable oils with nourishing benefits.

Whether it's for beard maintenance, with our moisturizing and subtly scented beard oils, our ultra-nourishing beard balms with plant butters, or our antistatic and gently detangling combs and brushes, or for traditional shaving enthusiasts with our shaving oils, ideal for preparing the skin for shaving and avoiding irritation, or our shaving soap, ideal to protect the skin in depth from the strokes of blades, to our soothing shaving care, or our shaving accessories such as badgers, shavettes or safety razors, we have something for everyone. Whether it's shaved or bearded, you'll inevitably find your happiness for Valentine's Day with ethical and eco-responsible men's gifts.

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