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Which shaving tool to choose for your shaving habits?

Which shaving tool to choose for your shaving habits?

Today there are all kinds of accessories for shaving. But which shaving tool to choose for your shaving habits? Having quality equipment allows you to shave the most efficient and pleasant for your skin. But how do you know which one to choose, according to your desires and habits? In this article we present the different shaving accessories, their pros, their cons, so that you know at the end of this article which to use, and maybe you will discover a passion for traditional shaving.

Multi-bladed razors

Multi-bladed razors are very common. For single use or interchangeable heads, the objective of this type of razor is to allow a close shave by limiting the number of blade passages, allowing hairs that have escaped the first blade to be cut by the following. However, even if some are used to it and do not see their habits changed, this type of razor has drawbacks often omitted. Indeed, multi-blades will sometimes go so far as to cut the hairs under the skin, and on sensitive skin the multiplicity of blades is strongly likely to attack it and create micro cuts. In addition, a razor blade is very sharp, and wears out with each of its uses. The more worn it is, the more the asperities of the blade can damage the skin, cut the hair badly and cause irritation and ingrown hairs, the haunting of anyone who shaves. This means that you will have to change your heads regularly, which involves a significant cost. Disposable razors are a more suitable option to avoid the use of worn blades on your skin but are definitely not a sustainable solution for our planet!

Safety razors

Unlike a multi-blade razor, the safety razor is safe for your shave. Much simpler than its cousin, the safety razor is simply composed of a handle, a head, and a razor blade with two sharp sides. The advantage of having only one blade is that it is changed with each shave, thus limiting the irritations associated with the wear of it. Its unique blade will cut the hairs, limiting the possibility of ingrown hairs while allowing precise tracing of your contours and full access to hard-to-shave areas like under the nose. However, this requires preparing your skin to shave with an oil and shaving soap and taking a little hand to use it daily. As for the blades, there is no whole head to change, and with a quality safety razor you will just have the blades to buy for a lifetime, a guaranteed saving for optimal shaving! You will just have to decide which safety razor to choose. Depending on your shaving habits, you may prefer more aggressive blades such as feather's reputed blades to be very sharp, or softer blades like those of the Derby brand. There are all kinds of safety razors, it is up to you to choose the one that is right for you.

Electric razors

Being specialized in traditional shaving we will not spread on electric razors. Be aware, however, that these have advantages for those who do not have the time or the desire to take an interest in shaving. Unlike manual razors, it is almost impossible to cut yourself with an electric razor. In addition, they represent a significant time saving because they can shave any type of skin without foam or shaving soap. Be aware, however, that unless you invest a certain price in a high-quality model, the electric razor will never be as effective as a manual razor, often leaving hair on the shaving areas.

Straight razors or folding razors

Straight razors or folding razors are the favorite tools of traditional lovers. They are the essence of traditional shaving, although they may seem quite expensive. Indeed, although a straight razor can be quite expensive to buy, these are actually the most economical and ecological in the long run. Because as with a safety razor, a quality straight razor will last a lifetime. Plus, with the blade built into the razor, all you must do is getting a leather sling and a sharpening stone to sharpen and iron your tool's blade for years to come. All you need to do is find out how to sharpen a barber's razor, so you do not have to buy razor blades or heads. In the same way as the safety razor, the cutter requires a certain grip, and there is no safety guard as on a safety razor, so it will take a time to adapt to use it to its full potential. The use of this razor requires to be calm and focused to make the most of it. However, they are known for providing close, comfortable, and unmatched precision shaves, and the gentlemen who adopt it generally do not return to other shaving tools. If you are wondering which is the best razor, the folding razor is definitely the lucky winner.

Shavette razors

Finally, the straight razors called "shavette". These razors are designed in the same way as a folding razor, with the difference that you do not have to sharpen your blade. Indeed, the blade of the razor is replaced by a classic interchangeable razor blade. Craftsmen prefer the shavette to the traditional razor for hygiene reasons, while others prefer it just for its ease of use: just change the blade rather than trim it. In addition, shavette razors are less expensive and can be a very good compromise for anyone wishing to try traditional shaving. Do not hesitate to watch our YouTube video on how to use a barber's razor to take your first steps in traditional shaving in the best conditions.

What to choose from among the different shaving tools?

Here, you know what to choose from among the different shaving tools, now you just have to choose the tool that will suit you best! Be aware that a good shave is also accompanied by a badger and a good shaving product such as our sandalwood shaving soap, and a pre-shaving oil to prepare your skin for shaving and limit the fire of the blades. All these shaving products will be a significant asset for optimal shaving and can even be supplemented with our aftershave and facial to soothe your skin and deeply moisturize it. You know everything, do not hesitate to take a look at our shaving products section to find out more!