Oiling a beard : usefulness and benefits on your beard

Oiling a beard : usefulness and benefits on your beard

How to oil your beard? What is the usefulness and benefits of beard oils on your beard? 

Oil your beard with natural beard oils

If you clicked on this article, you must be wondering why should you oil your beard with natural beard oils? In recent years, beard oils have been flooding the market and for all prices and kinds. But what is their level of quality? What are their benefits? First, it is essential to turn to natural products to respect your skin, but above all to avoid using products composed of chemical ingredients on the sensitive hair that makes up your beard and the skin of your face.

That is why all our oils for beard are natural, from high quality ingredients and recognized for their benefits for hundreds of years. To learn more about the benefits of each ingredient that makes up our oils, go take a look at our vegetable oils page.

The benefits of our beard oils and their applications

What are the benefits of our beard oils and their applications? Do you have a nice beard? It begins to become long and becomes dry and unruly? Beard care oil is your friend. Just like hair, the beard needs to be maintained. These hairs have a natural maintenance: The body secretes sebum that comes to grease, nourish and protect the hair. However, for a long beard (or hair), this sebum will have difficulty greasing the ends of the hair, thus facilitating the appearance of forks. Thus, regular brushing with an antistatic beard brush is essential for both the hair and the beard, in order to distribute this sebum along the entire length.

Moisturizing oils for beards will be able, significantly, to nourish your hair in depth, the beard hair being very thick, acting as a complement to the secreted sebum naturally. In addition, thanks to the properties of our beard oils, your skin will also be enriched throughout the day with the different vegetable oils present within our beard oils such as jojoba, avocado, argan, sweet almond and many others.

We have developed for you a fluid and non-greasy soft beard oil that will quickly penetrate your beard and epidermis, leaving no greasy effect on your skin. Depending on your tastes, several perfumes are available: Woody, the traditional perfume of the brand, spicy flowers with notes of summer citrus, premium with organic argan oil, amber leather scent, Elixir with notes of vanilla and blond tobacco, and the latest: beard oil "old scents", a dazzling success with the scent of bourbon and Virginia tobacco. You will find all our beard oils by clicking here! 

We are committed to offering you quality French beard oils, totally made in France and unique on the market by their composition, perfume and glass-printed packaging.