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Hydroalcoholic gel 500ml

6,25 €

Our large format bottled hydroalcoholic gel with a pump

In order to meet sanitary measures, Lames & Tradition offers its large format bottled hydroalcoholic gel with a pump for your barbershops. This hydroalcoholic gel does not stick and evaporates quickly, without leaving any smell and does not dry out the skin too much thanks to the glycerin. With a 500mL format, you will have enough gel for all your customers, allowing disinfection for each one of them respecting shielding measures with the pump, thus avoiding taking the bottle in hand.

The gel is made by our licensed laboratories with the aim of supporting our barbers during this pandemic.

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An hydroalcoholic gel made for professionals

This hydroalcoholic gel is made for professionals thanks to its large format and its pump, thus avoiding taking the bottle in hand. With the sanitary measures imposed by this crisis, we care about your safety and your customers’. Therefore, we contacted our laboratories so as to be able to provide you with 500mL bottles of hydroalcoholic gel at the best prices, suitable for regular use. It is not too greasy, leaves no smell and evaporates easily, thus avoiding putting antibacterial gel in your customers' hair.

How to use our antibacterial gel

To fully use the properties of this antibacterial gel, you will need to have fairly clean and dry hands. Apply a knob to the palm, and be sure to rub all the surfaces of your hands: palms, back, nails, fingers (not to mention the thumb), wrists, interdigital spaces, etc. Rub until the gel has evaporated and your hands will be disinfected. Do not forget to wash your hands regularly, as the hydroalcoholic gel does not have cleansing or degreasing properties, but only disinfecting ones.

Contrarily to what some might think, hydroalcoholic gel is absolutely not suitable for disinfecting a beard, as high alcohol levels can be very aggressive for your hairs.

What is the composition of our hydroalcoholic gel?

Our hydroalcoholic gel is composed of ethanol to disinfect, glycerin to slightly moisturise the skin irritated by the alcohol, and carbomer so that the texture is neither too liquid nor too thick.